Wilshire Grand Center

The Wilshire Grand Center is a skyscraper that is 1100 feet tall and it is located within Downtown Los Angeles as part of the financial district. It is actually one of the tallest buildings within California, and is the tallest within the city of Los Angeles. It is also considered to be the tallest on the western side of the Mississippi, and registered as the tenth tallest in the U.S. The Wilshire Grand Center is taller than the U.S. Bank Tower which is 82 feet tall. The structure is actually mixed use as it is a hotel, shopping mall, office complex, retail and observation decks and it was used to revitalize the downtown Los Angeles area as well as every other place surrounding the property. The development cost $1.2 billion and it is made up of InterContinental which is made up of 900 rooms and suites, it has 67,000 square feet of retail spaces, and 677,000 square feet made up of office spaces.

The floor plans have the basement to 7th floor being made of the podium building that has InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown pool and meeting rooms and some of the retail areas. The 11th to 29th floors are offices, and the 31st to 68th floors are the rooms for InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown. The 69th floor is the restaurants Dekkadance and Sora which are part of the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown. The 70th floor is the Sky Bar and main lobby for the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown and then located on the 71st floor is another restaurant owned by La Boucherie on 71. Then the 73rd floor is the Spire 73 which is an open-air bar which is also owned by the business.

It was during 1952, when the first Wilshire Grand had been opened, but as the Hotel Statler, which is where the new location is. It was during 1950 that the largest building permit during the 1950s was issued by Los Angeles in order to construct the hotel. The construction cost around $16 million and it would eventually become the landmark for Los Angeles. It had many famous people stay there such as Pope John Paul II and John F. Kennedy.

It was during 1954 that Hilton Hotels had purchased the Hotel Statler and then renamed it to become the Statler Hilton. However, it was during 1968 that the Hilton had finished a $ 3 million project for renovation and it was renamed to Los Angeles Hilton. Eventually, it would become Los Angeles Hilton & Towers. The property was purchased from Hilton during 1983 and $30 million was used for more renovations. It was during 1989 that the business was purchased by Korean Air. Eventually it would change hands and during 1995, the hotel became Omni Los Angeles. It would be during 1999, that the location would be renamed to Wilshire Grand Hotel.