Westin Bonaventure Hotel

The Westin Bonaventure is a 35-story building that rises 367 feet into the air and is located within Los Angeles. It started being built during 1974 and it was completed during 1976. The project design was led by John Portman Jr. and it became the biggest hotel within Los Angeles. The 35th floor of this structure is actually a revolving restaurant as well as a bar. The business had been owned by multiple investors such as John Portman and Associations, as well as Mitsubishi Corporation subsidiary. It is now ran by Interstate Hotel & Resorts with a valuation estimated to be over $201 million.

The architect John Portman and the project has become the subject of many academic analysis and documentaries. According to Postmodern Geographies by Edward Soja, the location is a huge representation of spatiality that has been reconstructed of the previous capitalist city. Everything that was imaginable has appeared to be made available within this micro-urban but real place. Things like this are hard to locate and often the areas will confuse even the brightest of minds. The building is a pastiche of many superficial reflections that are meant to bewilder and encourage submission. Entering the structure by land can be scary for those who just walk in, however, the entrance into the building is encouraged on multiple levels. When you are inside, it can be hard to find your way around without any help. There are multiple ways that the hotel architecture reflects, along with recapitulates the overly manufactured areas of L.A.

The hotel is also discussed in Postmodernism, or the cultural logic of late capitalism by Fredric Jameson.

The floors and elevators can be confused. When entering the elevator, the top floor is 35 and there are no 13 or 7 on the floor list, so technically it is only 33 stories. There are 4 elevator banks, and each contain 3 cars which make for 12 elevators and they are named by symbols as well as colors. The red circle is the only elevator that goes to the 35th floor and the other elevators only go to 32. The other elevator banks are labeled as being a blue triangle, a yellow diamond and a green square. This color-coded system of directions was added much later as many visitors found that the spaces were very confusing and quite hard to navigate on their own.

This hotel has been featured in many television shows and major motion pictures such as Interstellar, Blue Thunder, San Andreas, Moby Dick, the Fantastic Journey, Escape from LA, Epicenter, The Lincoln Lawyer, Hard to Kill, Midnight Madness, and many more. It was during 2002 that it aired on part of Fear Factor where contestants had to cross a bridge of plexiglass discs on cables that were suspended on the 5th floor. It has been seen in some episodes of CSI and it has even made appearances in some video games like the Grand Theft Auto series in GTA V and GTA San Andreas.