UCLA Bruin Marching Band

The Bruin Marching Band which is also called the Solid Gold Sound represents UCLA at extracurricular and athletic events. It is during the fall season that the marching band performs at the Rose Bowl for UCLA home football games. They also perform at pregame shows and help to build crowd energy with traditional UCLA songs such as Sons of Westwood, Might Bruins, and Strike up the band for UCLA. It is throughout the whole game that the band will perform many custom arranged pop and rock songs as well as many other cheers and fight songs for the University. The varsity band also performs for basketball games and many other athletic events within the Pauley Pavilion.

The band program at UCLA includes the Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Varsity and Marching bands within the Herb Alpert School of Music. It was during 1993 that the marching band got the Sudler Trophy, which is a special award given to one university marching band yearly.

All band members are considered to be full time UCLA students and teaching assistants.

The Marching Band for UCLA marches using a drum corps style that uses glide steps and low mark times. Field developments incorporate quick moving accuracy penetrate movements, letter squares, pictures, show bends, and the popular Cursive UCLA arrangement. The band does a wide range of styles of shows, contingent on the event. The special case to the drum corps walking style is the customary pregame “run-on” where the band quickly high-steps onto the field into the piece letter U-C-L-A development, and in addition off the field toward the finish of the pregame appear.

In 1925, at the Vermont Avenue grounds, the UCLA Marching Band began as a 50-piece ROTC unit under the bearing of W. G. Powell. The band was a piece of the inviting gathering when John Philip Sousa went to Los Angeles in 1928, and were coordinated by Sousa in the execution of “Stars and Stripes Forever”. Around then, the executive was Ben Laietsky, an individual from Sousa’s band. The band remained a military gathering until 1934. In 1935, under the bearing of Leroy Allen, the gathering turned into a necessary piece of grounds life, giving music at encourages and amusements. The first outfits were military style, with military tops and midsection length capes. Under chiefs C. B. Chase and Patton McNaughton, the band expanded in size to 128 individuals by 1947.

For the pregame in football, the marching band for UCLA will normally start with the Fanfare and then Strike up the band, which was a tune that was gifted to UCLA by Ira and George Gershwin. It was made from their own showtune, strike up the Band and it was given to UCLA during an All university sing that was held within the Royce Hall during 1936. The Star-Spangled Banner is played by the band in show development. At that point the band moves into the content UCLA development to the tune of Bruin Warriors. The band walks off the field to The Mighty Bruins, made in 1984 by Academy Award winning author Bill Conti to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the UCLA Alumni Association.

For more information about the UCLA Bruin Marching Band, check out: http://www.asucla.ucla.edu/band/.