Superior Oil Company Building

Superior Oil Company building, previously Bank of America, but is now the Standard Downtown LA happens to be a twelve-story marble high rise that is located on South Flower Street which is in downtown Los Angeles. It was during 2002 that the office was completely refurbished.

This marble structure was built during 1952 and it was an office built to be the headquarters of Superior Oil Company by the Keck family. The whole structure was finished during 1955 and the modern styled architecture that is twelve stories high was designed by William Simpson and Claud Beelman. The outside was given a very distinctive stainless steel, marble, and granite surface. It has been stated as being one of the best examples of post-war modernism that was very popular for corporate architecture during the 1950s, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Then during 1963, it became a branch in Southern California for Bank of California. For the most part it was used as the Bank of California and referred to as such. Eventually, the name would change to be Union Bank of California. It was by the 1980s that the name had changed again and during 1992, the whole place was emptied when the bank moved into a new location.

It was around 2000, that it was emptied completely and there were many preservation groups that had stated their worries about the building being renovated to become a station for telecommunications like many buildings within downtown Los Angeles. In January of 2000 the property had been sold to Columbia Development which was a development and investment firm. The company was supported by the preservation groups and it would be the newest location that had been created in over 10 years. It would eventually become named Standard Downtown LA.

It was during 2002, that the building was opened as a boutique hotel and a dance area, the roof top pool was installed with a space for pool parties and DJs on the twelfth floor, along with a German beer garden was installed. The renovation had been designed by Koning Eizenberg and it was completely by Taisei Construction. It was through this whole process that there was a consultant for the historical preservation.

Then during 2003, the Superior Oil Company building would be added into the National Register for Historical Places due to the unique architecture. It was also during this year that the Standard Downtown LA would be awarded with the Preservation Award from LA Conservancy for bring a new life to an old building.

However, it was during 2009 that the hotel had been cited for emptying chemicals from the pool onto the surrounding streets, which was considered to be a violation based on multiple federal laws for the environment. It was during 2010 that the hotel pled guilty to the whole incident. During 2017, a food festival had a popup place at the hotel.