Journey to Santa Monica, California where you can enjoy a beautiful beach front city that it situated on the Santa Monica Bay. It is bordered by Los Angeles and because it has such an agreeable climate, it became a huge resort town during the early 20th century. Since the 1980s the city has had a real boom through revitalization of downtown, which increased job growth and tourism. The Santa Monica Pier is still a very popular destination to visit when you decide to journey to Santa Monica.

The Santa Monica carousel or Loof Hippodrome is a national historic landmark. Since 1909, when it was built it has sat on the Santa Monica Pier. When you travel to the pier you will notice La Monica Ballroom which was once the biggest ballroom within the whole United States, and it was a place for many New Year’s Eve national broadcasts. For a really long time the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium was a huge music venue for many decades and even hosted the 1960s Academy Awards. Then you have McCabe’s Guitar Shop which is a huge acoustic performance area as well as huge retail outlet. You can even travel to Bergamot Station which isa city owned art gallery that also includes the Santa Monica Museum of Art. Santa Monica is home to many museums such as the Angels Attid Dollhouse and Toy Museum and the California Heritage Museum. You can see the New West Symphony which is the main orchestra for Barnum Hall as well as being a part of the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza as well as the Oxnard Performing Arts Center.

Santa Monica is also great for shopping as it has 3 main shopping districts. You have Main Street, Montana Avenue, and Downtown District. Each district has its very own unique feel and personality of the area that it is in. Main Street District has a very eclectic mix of specialty retail, clothing, and restaurants. Montana Avenue is luxury boutique stores, small offices that house upscale shopping, and restaurants. The downtown district is home of the largest pedestrian only shopping district that stretches from Broadway to Wilshired Boulevard. This is part of the Third Street Promenade and it is closed to vehicles to allow people to mix and mingle, shop, enjoy street performers, and stroll around. Santa Monica Place has Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s that is housed in a 3 level outdoor space.

Santa Monica is home to a film festival and houses the oldest movie theater, the Majestic. It opened in 1912 and has been closed since 1994. The Santa Monica Promenade has more than a 12 movie screens for your movie cravings and is beyond what you would expect as many of the theaters were built between 1930 and now.

When you travel to Santa Monica, California, you are going to love the sand, the sun, the people and the culture of this beautiful beachside world. This is one place that will have you enjoying the sites while experiencing what no other place in the world can.