Personal Relocation

Personal relocation is also simply known as, moving. The process involves vacating from one location to another, such as between houses. Relocation can be nearby, or to another city, state, or country. Generally, it involves packing and transferring belongings to the new location, then unpacking and other small tasks, such as change of address, insurance updating, etc.

Personal relocation is common and occurs for various reasons, such as simply wanting a change, your rental lease is up, or relocating for work. There is time when a business operation will decide relocating their location will be beneficial.

Psychological Impact

Using the Holmes and Rahe stress scale, the changing of a residence is considered stressful with 20 points out of 100, the highest being the death of a spouse at 100 points. However, other changes along the scale, such as changes in social activities and living conditions which are commonly associated with moving, makes the level of stress higher.

In addition, studies have shown that relocating to a different house or location can be particularly stress on children, and can even result in long-term problems. Relocating impacts can vary between toddlers, young children, and school-aged children. It is important to communicate with children to explain the process and make the process as simple as possible.


It is also known that larger corporations have provided relocation for employees for both long-term and short-term assignments. This can be to a city in another state, or a foreign country. The decision is often supported using a relocation service, assisting with finding a new house and/or moving the family. In addition, services may include setting up and organizing a school for children, and conducting training about local culture. Generally, relocation services will support the integration process for the new culture and/or location.

In addition, individuals that have a specific skill set in a profession, they may decide to locate work independently in another state or country to which they are not native or familiar with the local culture. In situations such as this, the relocation service support may have been discovered by the person looking to relocate.

Recently, there has been an increased need for relocation services for both individuals looking to move, and large corporations needing to relocate a skilled employee and their family to a new location. Although internationalization is easier when using a relocation service, it is important that you create and follow a checklist. Relocating can be quite stressful, especially when moving to a foreign country and you do not want to forget something.