The Park La Brea which was named after the La Brea Tar Pits happens to be a large apartment community that is located within Los Angeles, California within the Miracle Mile. There are well over 4200 units that are located within 18 different towers that are 13-stories as well as 31 different garden apartment buildings that are 2 stories. It happens to be one of the largest developments for housing within the United States located on the west side of the Mississippi River. The whole complex takes up about 160 acres of land with plenty of lawn space.

During the 1780s with the Spanish people arriving, as well as the displacement of local Native Indian populations, most of the area which is now considered to be Park La Brea was a part of a land grant that was called the Rancho La Brea and it had remained mainly devoted to petroleum production and agriculture which was up until around the 20th century. With the growth of the Miracle Mile and Hollywood had made all the surrounding areas a desirable area for residential growth during the 1920s, but mid-rise apartment towers that give the whole district its name were built during 1944 and 1948, which was much later.

Park La Brea tends to be a representation of something of what is considered to be a historical anomaly, as they were built during a period when many of the residential visions for Los Angeles were mainly dominated by single family homes that ran along the freeway. As the towers were considered to be isolated from a large portion of Miracle Mile which was set back far enough from all of the major thoroughfares which was a nod to Le Corbusier, they had developed a reputation for being the projects because they reminded a lot of people of the housing developments like Queensbridge in New York and Robert Taylor Homes in Chicago. The overall street layout was done using a masonic pattern which is a nod to the heritage of the masons of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company who had built the complex towards the end of World War II and after the war.

The townhouses of Park La Brea that are within the area were actually designed by the New York natives Schultz & Son with the help of Earl Heitschmidt who was the associate architect during 1941. The overall style of this architecture is stated to be modern colonial. The towers of Park La Brea were created by the Leonard Schultz Associates while having the help of architects Stanton & Kaufmann during 1948. The team of architects were inspired by the unique house that is located in Le Corbusier which is located within Paris, France and they had set out create unique multifamily housing. The plans had included square block formations for the townhouses that would have a surrounding and shared green space. The combined lawn spaces would be shared which helped to create a tree dappled open space and a large courtyard.

Eventually, Park La Brea would become a very desirable rental community that would have its own community center, pool and health club, dry cleaners, and beauty parlor as well as being quite close to various museums and farmer’s markets.