Located within the central area in Los Angeles, California. This area is very well known for Miracle Mile shopping district, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art as well as the Petersen Automotive Museum.

This neighborhood is close to Little Ethiopia which is along Fairfax Avenue and happens to be part of the PICO Neighborhood Council. It lies just northeast of Crestview and east of Carthay Square and just west of the Wilshire Vista. This particular area is dense with Ethiopian restaurants and businesses as well as a dense population of Eritrean and Ethiopian ancestry.

Neighborhoods near Mid-Wilshire

Miracle Mile is a one and half mile that extends down Wilshire Boulevard amongst Fairfax and Highland Avenues. In the mid-1920s, Wilshire Boulevard west of Western Avenue was an unpaved ranch street, reaching out through dairy homesteads and bean fields. Designer A. W. Ross saw potential for the region and created Wilshire as a business area to equal downtown Los Angeles.

Oxford Square is a notable neighborhood which, as per the Oxford Square Neighborhood Association, lies between Pico Boulevard and Olympic Boulevard and incorporates the two sides of Victoria Avenue and South Windsor Boulevard.

In 1910 the area was laid out between Wilshire Boulevard on the north and Pico Street on the south, west of the Los Angeles Country Club. It was served by the Pico Street streetcar line. The unchanged parcels offered by designer Emil Firth ran from 50 to 100 feet in the city and were 171 feet profound. The roads were 70 feet wide, with 15-foot walkways and expressways, which were to be planted with palm trees and blossoms. Fancy street lights were to be put each 300 feet. Parcel costs extended from $1,000 to $2,500.

Prior, in 1907. the Harriman interests had started a four-track metro line crosswise over Oxford Square, south of Wilshire Boulevard. In 1991 the City Council endorsed a demand by Oxford Square – Windsor Village occupants to close tenth Street at Victoria Avenue with an end goal to diminish wrongdoing in the groups after a current episode of thefts and burglaries, and one murder. In February 2015 the area affiliation was campaigning to frame a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone. That would have put a transitory ban on the issuance of city building and annihilation licenses.

Stop La Brea is a loft complex limited by third Street on the north, Cochran Avenue on the east, Sixth Street on the south and Fairfax Avenue on the west. With 4,255 units situated in eighteen 13-story towers and 31 two-story “cultivate condo structures,” it is the biggest lodging advancement in the United States west of the Mississippi River.

Sycamore Square is a Mid-Wilshire neighborhood situated between Hancock Park toward the north, Miracle Mile toward the west, and Brookside toward the east. It is circumscribed by Wilshire Boulevard toward the north, Olympic Boulevard toward the south, La Brea Avenue toward the west, and the two sides of Citrus Avenue toward the east.