Malibu California

Journey to Malibu, a lovely area located within Los Angeles California. This beach location is about 30 miles from Los Angeles. The area is very well known to have a Mediterranean climate and it has a 21-mile coastline that was made into a city during 1991. The area is very well known as being home for many celebrities, such as movie stars, people in the entertainment industry, and other affluent residents. Many of the residents live just a couple of hundred yards from State Route 1 which is also called the Pacific Coast Highway, which travels along the city, and some residents happen to live about a mile from the beach into narrow canyons. Based on the census for 2010, the population is around 13,000.

There are signs that are located around the city that state it is 21 miles of beauty, which refers to the city limits. It was during 2017 that the signs were updated to state 27 miles which spans from Point Mugu which is located within Ventura County to Tuna Canyon. For most residents within the canyon areas, Malibu happens to have the closest commercial areas and they are within Malibu zip codes. The city is bordered by the Santa Monica Mountains, Woodland Hills, Calabasas, and Agoura Hills which is located towards the north, Solromar which is part of Ventura County which is located towards the west, and Topanga which is located towards the east.

The city of Malibu is often called just Bu by locals and surfers. The beaches that are along the Malibu coast are Dan Blocker Beach, County Line, Point Dume Beach, Topanga Beach, Malibu Beach, Zuma Beach, and Surfrider Beach. There are also state parks as well as state owned beaches on the coast such as Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach, Point Mugu State Park, Leo Carrillo State Beach and Park, and Malibu Creek State park which some have individual beaches such as El Matador, El Pescador, and La Piedra. There are also many parks located inside of the recreation area of Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational area which are all located above the city that have local parks like Legacy Park, Las Flores Creek Park, Trancas Canyon Park and Malibu Bluffs Park which used to be called Malibu Bluffs State Park.

The city of Malibu was actually named for the settlement of Ventureno Chumas which was called Humaliwo, which can be translated into The Surf Sounds Loudly. The original colonial village was actually located right next to the Malibu Lagoon and is now considered to be part of the state park.

Malibu is also very widely used as a location for many TV shows, music videos and films. Some films such as Gidget, and many surfing movies from the 1960s were filmed on Surfrider Beach. The beach house in Charlie’s Angels was located within Malibu. Some big scenes from Planet of the Apes was filmed at Point Dume. Two and a Half Men is supposed to take place within Malibu and the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana is set within Malibu.

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