Los Angeles

Since the founding of Los Angeles in September of 1781, this city has really grown into a large and dynamic metropolis that has its eye on the future while working hard to preserve the unique cultural heritage. Los Angeles is a very ethnically diverse city, especially in the whole world, which have really made it a global city in truth. From the San Fernando Valley to San Pedro, Los Angeles is home to 211 places that are located on the Natural Register of Historic Places which include places such as the Bradbury Building, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Ennis House and Watts Towers. Being that Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the whole world and home to many creative residents than any other place, Los Angeles has a very long history with literature, film, music and television. From Walt Disney Concert Hall to Los Angeles Philharmonic, LACMA and J. Paul Getty Museum, the cultural legacy of Los Angeles has continued to really grow. If you are a food lover, then you will love the fact that diners from all over the world have recognized Los Angeles as the birthplace for French Dip and Cobb Salad as well as being a major influence on ethic cuisines in California.

Los Angeles has a lot of historic landmarks, exciting attractions and interesting neighborhoods, and at first it could be quite overwhelming. There is a lot of ways that you can explore Los Angeles, whether it is using a bit of pedal power on a bicycle or getting behind the wheel in a nice convertible, or even letting someone else do all the driving for you. Hit the road and then take your time as you drive on the various scenic routes and legendary streets. Buses, Metro subway trains and light rail transport thousands of daily riders while the Los Angeles bike paths give you time to relax and welcome a growing number of cyclists. For those who have disabilities, Los Angeles is a great city as it offers a lot of convenient access.

Los Angeles is the most unique city located in Southern California and it is the center of the television and film industry. Located near the iconic Hollywood sign, film studios like Universal, Warner Brothers, and Paramount Pictures offer behind the scenes tours of the where all the magic happens. When you venture onto Hollywood Boulevard, you can see displays of celebrity foot and hand prints out front of the TCL Chinese Theatre. The Walk of Fame really honors thousands of celebrities and vendors can be seen selling maps to homes of your favorite celebrities.

Residents and visitors have access to many recreational and cultural opportunities. Additionally, all of the attractions are offered by the private sector, and the area has a lot of unique places to visit such as Hollywood Bowl, Natural History Museum, Ford Theatre, Music Center, Museum of Art and much more. This area has over 87 regional parks, 19 golf courses, 25 miles of beach, and 31 swimming pools.