The InterContinental is made up of over 180 different hotels that are located within more than 60 countries all around the world. The chain had started during 1946 as being a part of Pan American World Airways and then it would become a huge resort brand and well known for its luxury brands.

It was during 1945, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt along with Juan Trippe, who was the President of Pan American World Airways, had begun to talk about the concern for the needs of Latin America to have developmental funds over a breakfast at the White House. Roosevelt and Trippe had believed that a good way to be able to attract tourists as well as businessmen would be to provide luxurious accommodations within specific areas. Trippe had really seen a rise for international travel via air and had agreed that Pan American World Airways as well as support of such as Export-Import Bank of the United States would be able to form a subsidiary to help implement this whole idea. It would also be a way to help accommodate the Pan Am crews as well as passengers who were going to destinations where there were not any luxury locations yet. Then during April of 1946, the InterContinental Hotel Corporation had been founded. It was then that Intercontinental Hotels had purchased their first building. This building was the Grande Hotel which was located within Belem, Brazil. The chain would soon really grow to have many hotels within the Caribbean as well as Latin America.

It was during 1961 that the corporation had opened their first business within the Middle East which is was named Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut. It was this hotel that would be the first to operate within the Middle East, whenever the company had signed into a contract that would allow them to begin managing the Esplanade Zagreb during the 1960s. However, it was during 1972 that the chain had been renamed to be Inter Continental Hotels and they began to produce moderately prices that were actually referred to as a Forum Hotel. Inter-Continental had then begun with its first hotel within the U.S. during 1973, whenever the chain had signed into a contract that would allow them to start managing the Mark Hopkins, which is located within San Francisco. The corporate chain did have a location in Kabul, but because of the Soviet Intervention of Afghanistan during 1979, they decided against managing that property. However, it is still operating to this day using the brand name.

It was during August of 1981 that Pan Am had sold the brand to the Grand Metropolitan. The newest owners had then merged InterContinental into Grand Metropolitan Hotels and they created a sibling chain of Forum Hotels. Then Grand Metropolitan had sold the hotel chain during 1988 to the Saison group. However, it would change hands again during 1998 when it would be sold to Bass.

Both of the properties, as well as the resorts actually are part of the IHG Green Engage which is a system that is a mandate for sustainability that will state how to best respond whenever disasters happen. They will be able to provide accommodations, supplies and financial support to employees, guests and the local community.