Hotel Bel-Air

Hotel Bel-Air is located in a suburb of Los Angeles, California. This property is just one of 10 luxurious hotels that is ran by Dorchester Collection. The Dorchester Collection is operated by Brunei Investment Agency. This particular location is equipped with over 100 rooms which over 40 of them are actually suites. It has quite an old Hollywood feel that is surrounded with gardens that stretch over 12 acres next to the Bel-Air Estate area.

It is located just outside of Westwood and Beverly Hills and it has housed a lot of celebrities and notable guests which have included people such as Grace Kelly, who actually stayed there so much that a suite was named after her, as well as Audrey Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Lauren Bacall, Bette Davis, Judy Garland and Robert Wagner. Additionally, it is also where Marilyn Monroe’s very last Vogue photo shoot for the magazine took place just 6 weeks before she died.

Originally built during 1922 by Alphonzo Bell, which was located on 60 acres of gardens. It opened during 1946, and since then the location that is on Stone Canyon Rd has been the place that has served many politicians, dignitaries and popular celebrities. The hotel was originally planned to be an office area that was equipped with stables, but during 1946, it was purchased and transformed by Joseph Drown into a great business. Joseph Drown was a Texan entrepreneur who then partnered with Burton Schutt in order to create the building to a luxurious hotel for people to get away from their daily lives.

There was a theme based on an oasis and the Swan Lake was added which the guests were able to cross by using the foot bridge in order to reach the entrance of the building. The areas that surrounded the landscape are covered in fig trees, palm trees, ficus trees as well as continuously blooming flowers of many different colors.

When Joseph Drown had passed away sometime during the 80s, Bel-Air hotel had been sold to the Texan Hunt family and the it had become a focal point for Rosewood Hotel & Resorts. The Hunt’s decided to keep it the same and the only change that was made was when it was decided that Chef Wolfgang Puck would come in to consult on the restaurant as well as the menus.

Eventually Caroline Hunt had sold the business in 1989 for over $100 million to the Sazale Group of Japan. Then it was during 1995, that Prince Bolkiah from Brunei had purchased the location and allowed it to be acquired by Dorchester Collection, that was operated by BIA. However, during 2009 the Hotel Bel-Air was closed down to allow for major renovations before it had a grand reopening during October of 2011.