Chateau Marmont Hotel

The Chateau Marmont is located on Sunset Boulevard within Los Angeles. The hotel was designed by William Lee and it was completed during 1929. It was modeled after the Chateau d’Amboise, which was a royal building which is located in the Loire Valley in France. The location is equipped with only 63 rooms and multiple suites.

Fred Horowitz had picked the location on Sunset Boulevard and Marmont Lane in 1926 to build an apartment building. Horowitz had traveled to Europe for some inspiration and then returned to California with many photos of chateaus that were near the Loire River. Then it would be during 1927 that Arnold Weitzman would be hired by Horowitz to design it based on the photos that he brought back from France. When it came time to pick a name for the hotel, the names of Chateau Hollywood and Chateau Sunset were immediately rejected but Chateau Marmont which came from the small street that runs near the property was an instant hit.

It would be during February of 1929 that the property would finally open to the public as being the newest residence within Hollywood. Many newspapers had really described the Chateau as being the most exclusive, newest and best apartment house that is just close enough to businesses to be accessible but just far enough away to keep privacy and insure quiet place. During the grand opening, there were over 300 people to attend which included the local press. Because of the high rent and not being able to keep the tenants for long term during the depression, the building was sold to Albert Smith for around $760,000 cash. Then during 1931, the Chateau was turned into a hotel. The apartments had become suites that had living rooms and kitchens and the property was decorated using antiques that came from many estate sales from the depression era.

The property had been designed to be earthquake proof and it has been proven many times with several major earthquakes such as in 1994, 1987, 1971, 1953, and 1933 without having any type of major structure damage. There were 9 Spanish cottages that were built to be right next to the hotel during the 1930s and then was purchased during the 1940s as well as a swimming pool. Then in 1956, Craig Ellwood had designed a couple of bungalows. It was during the 1930s that the hotel was actually managed by Ann Little who was a former silent film actress. Then during the 1940s and World War II that the it had become an air raid shelter for the residents who lived in the area.

During 1976 in March, the Chateau Marmont had been named as a cultural and historical landmark for Los Angeles.

Located within the Chateau Marmont is a bar and restaurant. The restaurant is located on the terrace and both the restaurant and bar have market fresh cuisine from California that is prepared by Chef Dean Yasharian.