Century City is a large neighborhood as well as business district that is located within the Westside of Los Angeles county. The outside of Downtown Los Angeles, is Century City which is one of the most prominent employment centers within the metropolitan areas as well as the view of skyscrapers which form a distinctive skyline for the Westside.

This district was developed on the past backlot of the 20th century fox film studio and the very first building was opened in 1963. Located in Century City is two private schools but there are no public schools. The Westfield Century City shopping center as well as Fox Studios and business towers are important for the Californian economy.

The place that is known for Century City had a place with cattle rustler on-screen character Tom Mix who utilized it as a ranch. It later turned into a backlot of twentieth Century Fox, which still has its home office just toward the southwest. The zone is named for the twentieth Century Fox’s Century Property.

In 1956, Spyros Skouras who filled in as the President of twentieth Century Fox from 1942– 1962, and his nephew-in-law Edmond Herrscher, a lawyer in some cases known as “the father of Century City,” chose to repurpose the land for land development. The next year, in 1957, they authorized an all-inclusive strategy advancement from Welton Becket Associates, disclosed at a noteworthy press occasion on the backlot of the west side later during the year.

In 1961, after Fox endured a string of costly slumps, coming full circle with the budgetary strain put on the studio by the exceptionally costly creation of Cleopatra, the film studio sold around 180 sections of land to designer William Zeckendorf and Aluminum Co. of America, otherwise called Alcoa, for US $300 million which is the equivalent of US $2.4 billion in modern times. Herrscher had supported his uncle-in-law to get cash rather, however once Skouras cannot, he was out of the picture.

The new proprietors imagined Century City as “a city inside a city”. In 1963, the principal building, Gateway West Building, was completed. The following year, in 1964, Minoru Yamasaki planned the Century Plaza Hotel. Five years after the fact, in 1969, draftsmen Anthony J. Lumsden and César Pelli outlined the Century City Medical Plaza.

A significant part of the strip mall’s design and style can be found in various arrangements in the 1967 Fox film, A Guide for the Married Man, and additionally in a grouping in another Fox film of that year, Caprice. Century City’s square as it showed up in the mid-1970s can be seen in a few moments of another one of Fox films, the 1972 version of Conquest of the Planet of the Apes.

Westfield Century City as well as Fox Studios take up the most important areas within the neighborhood. As of 2016, Century City is in the middle of an $800 million renovation as well as expansion that would help to maintain the Century City as being the premier entertainment and shopping destinations within the Westside.