When you think of Beverly Hills, you are thinking about a very popular and glitzy type of area. This city is a city that happens to be located inside of Los Angeles County and is surrounded by West Hollywood and Los Angeles. Originally this area was a Spanish ranch that grew Lima beans but in 1914, when a group of investors were unable to find oil, Beverly Hills was incorporated when water was found and it was developed into a city. With a population of around 35,000 it has steadily grown. Often times Beverly Hills is known as 90210, which is one of the main zip codes. It is home to a love of celebrities over the years and this city is known for its shopping which you can find on Rodeo Drive as well as the Beverly Hills Oil Field.

This area was founded and settled in 1828 by Quinteros de Valdez family. The ranch that was Owned by Maria Rita and her husband was 4500 acres. Then in 1854, the ranch was sold to Henry Hancock and Benjamin Davis Wilson. During the 1880s the land had been divided into 75 acre parcels and was being bought up by the Anglos that come from the East Coast and Los Angeles.

Andrew Denker and Henry Hammel then acquired most of the parcels and then used it to farm lima beans. By the late1880s, Hammel and Denker were going to build a town on the parcels and call it Morocco.

Then in the 1900s a group of investors created the Amalgamated Oil Company and purchased the ranch from Denker and Hammel and then started to look for oil. They didn’t find enough oil that would be able to exploit it commercials by the standards of that time. Then during 1906, they reorganized and became a utility and real estate business and called the property Beverly Hills and then divided it again and started to sell plots of land. This development was called Beverly Hills after the Beverly Farms that are located within Beverly, MA and due to the hilly area. The first house was built in early 1907 and even though the sales of the land were considered quite slow for the time.

Beverly Hills would become a practically all white planned out community that started in this time around Los Angeles. There were laws that prohibited any non-whites from renting or owning the property unless they happened to be an employee or servant of a white resident. This also went for those in the Jewish Community.

Eventually in 1911, Burton Green began to build the Beverly Hills Hotel. It would be completed by mid-1912. The visitors that were drawn to this hotel would often want to purchase land there in Beverly Hills and by the end of 1914, they had enough people to become an independent city. That was the same year that the Rodeo Land and Water company split off from the real estate business.

Eventually, through the years, the city would continue to grow and become the glittering city of celebrities that we know now.