Beverly Crest, Los Angeles

Located on the Santa Monica Mountains, the neighborhood of Beverly Crest is within Westside section of Los Angeles, California. According to a United States census in 2000, the population consisted of 10,852 residents located within the 8.24sq mile area and borders Beverly Hills, California on the south, west, and east.


Positioned east of Coldwater Canyon Dr., three of the neighbor borders with Beverly Hills, being served by the Los Angles municipality, but being located within Beverly Hills Post Office region. The Los Angles area of Bel Air and Beverly Crest communities consist of various neighborhoods. In this region, Crest is recognized by local neighborhood council as part of the Coldwater/Franklin Canyon/Crest/Mulholland districts.

The L.A. Times project ‘Mapping L.A.’ utilizes broader definitions for Beverly Crest, including all neighborhoods within the Bel-Air/Beverly Crest Community located east of Bel-Air neighborhood, which includes Beverly Glen and nearly all the neighborhoods located within Crest, Mulholland, Coldwater, and Franklin Canyon districts. However, several of the neighborhoods are physically and historically distinct.


With a population of 10,852 in 2000 according to the U.S census, the 8.24sq mile region was home to 1,318 residents per sq. mile, being one of the least population dense cities and counties. The median age being 45 years old for residents, was higher compared ot other county and city neighborhoods. This made Beverly Crest among the highest median ages of all Los Angeles neighborhoods, only coming in behind Bel-Air and Century City. However, the city had estimated an increased in population by 2008.

The Beverly Crest neighborhood was considered by L.A. Times as ‘not especially diverse’, provided the relatively high Caucasian percentage of residents. The demographic results were 87.5% Caucasian, 4% Asian, 3.4% Latino, 1.7% African American, 3.3% other. Furthermore, of residents born abroad, the results were United Kingdom (8.6%) and Iran (28.6%), making these the most common birth place abroad.

In 2008, the median annual household income was $169,282, which was considered to be high for the city, as well as the county. Housing stock was occupied by 10% renters, while apartment and house owners held 90%. The average household size was 2.4 residents, which was the usual for L.A. Meanwhile, single parent families averaged 5.6%, which is low for neighborhoods in the city and county. Furthermore, Bel-Air’s average for married couples were one of the highest ranking with 59.5% women, and 63.4% men. There was also a higher proportion of veterans (896 or 10.2%) compared to the remaining city, as well as county.


By 2000, 67.6% of residents in Beverly Crest over the age of 25 had received a 4-year degree, which is a high average for both the city and county. Beverly Crest schools are served by the L.A. Unified School District.

Beverly Crest has a single private middle school located within its boundaries – Harvard-Westlake.

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