Greater Los Angeles is a huge area in the United States for television and movie production. This has not just drawn actors to the city, but composers, artists, writers and other creative people to this city. This city is home to many institutes that appreciate and study film production like the American Film Institute and Academy of Motion Picture Arts. There are various awards that are given yearly for television and movie production and some of them have huge worldwide audiences. There are plenty of film festivals and even specialty theaters such as Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre.
Even though film production in Los Angeles is the most important center, other areas have begun to branch out to become more international which causes competition and that is where the culture and art of Los Angeles will come into play. The television and motion picture industries have really helped to create an image that really shows what Los Angeles is all about all over the world and people from around the globe will travel to see Hollywood landmarks like the Chinese Theatre and Walk of Fame.

The Literary history of Los Angeles does include legendary authors such as Raymond Chandler who set his detective stories pre and post war era. Ross Macdonald continued the work of Chandler and blended it with classical tragedy. The Day of the Locust by Nathanael West really showed the raw side of a Hollywood dream and eventually science fiction would come into play from Ray Bradbury. Even Carrie Fisher managed to find success as a novelist. Thousands of screenplays have been written by residents of Los Angeles and the movie business really attracted many different authors such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tennessee Williams, William Faulkner and more.

Los Angeles has a pretty big territory for fiction writers and crime fiction is at the top when it comes to writing about Los Angeles. During the 20th century, fiction that talked about Los Angeles was really highlighted the overall complexity of the city and discontinuities between the reality of living there and the public image. Because of the scale and the size of Los Angeles, it has really given crime writers a complex city that they set their stories in.
Los Angeles is also the most important city in the world for recording music. Capitol Records landmark building which looks similar to a stack of albums shows this. A & M Records has held the studio just off Sunset Boulevard was actually built by Charlie Chaplin who actually wrote the music for his own films. In addition to their major film business, Warner Bros. built a major recording business as well. Then you have local Rhino Records which dug through their archives of old recordings and repackaged them for the more modern audience.

In all there are 841 art galleries and museums in Los Angeles. This city has more museums per capita than any other place in the world. Some of the most note worthy museums are the Getty Center, L. A. County Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art and the Battleship Iowa. There is also Gallery Row which houses a number of art galleries and thousands attend the Downtown Art Walk on Gallery Row.