App, or Apps may be referring to:


  • Atom Publishing Protocol or AtomPub which is an atom protocol that creates and updates web sources.
  • Application Portability Profile which NIST specifications and standards for the open system environment.
  • Adjusted Peak Performance which is a metric that is used to measure computing performance in a 64-bit processor and above.
  • Web Application or web app which is a software that is designed to run within a web browser.
  • Application software that would cause a computer to perform various tasks for computer users.
  • Mobile app which is software that was designed to run on mobile devices and smartphones.


  • Assessing Pupils Progress which is an assessment methodology that is used in schools within Wales and England.
  • Appalachian State Mountaineers which is a university’s athletic program.
  • Appalachian State University which is a university that is located within Boone, North Carolina within the United States.
  • Advanced Placement Program which is a program that offers college level curriculum and exams to high school students.


  • Alan Parsons Project which is a British Progressive Rock group.
  • APP a Dutch film that was created in 2013 that uses second screen technology.


  • Advanced Practice Provider is also a mid-level practitioner which is a class of healthcare providers that have more training and responsibility than a registered nurse but less than a physician.
  • Amyloid Precursor Protein which is a protein that has fragments that are associated with Alzheimer’s Disease as well as other various neurological disorders.
  • Acute Phase Protein which is a class of proteins that has concentration changes in responses to various forms of inflammation.


  • Austrian People’s Party which is an Austrian political party
  • Australian Protectionist Party which is an Australian political party
  • Anticlerical Progress Party which is a Polish political party
  • Animal Protection Party which is a British Political Party
  • Alliance Populaire Progressiste or the People Progressive Alliance is a political party that is in Mauritania.

Other Organizations

  • Association of Professional Pierces which is an international organization that is for body piercing.
  • Associated Press of Pakistan which is a national news agency in Pakistan.
  • Asia Pulp and Paper which is a paper and pulp company that is located and based in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • Asia Pacific Partnership which is an international environmental protection alliance
  • Asbury Park Press which is a newspaper in Monmouth County within New Jersey.
  • American Principles Project which is a conservative and libertarian political think tank.
  • Alberta Provincial Police which was the Canadian police force between 1917 and 1932.
  • African Prisons Project which is a United Kingdom based NGO.

Railway Codes

  • Appleton Wisconsin which is Amtrak’s three letter code for the city and station.
  • Appleby Railway station in Cumbria, England which is part of the national rail’s code.