Andaz West Hollywood

Andaz West Hollywood is actually a hotel that is owned by Hyatt that has over 230 hotel rooms and it is located on Sunset Boulevard within West Hollywood near Kings Road.

It was during 1963 that the hotel had opened under the original name of the Gene Autry hotel. However, it was actually sold during 1967 and it was then renamed to become the Continental Hyatt House. Eventually during 1976, the hotel would then change names again and become the Hyatt on Sunset. Then in February of 1997, whenever this hotel would again have a name change to become Hyatt West Hollywood. However, it would be January of 2009 that the location would undergo a complete renovation and finally the last name change to be made.

It was during the late 1960s and the early 1970s that due to the very close to many popular night spots such as Whisky a Go Go which had caused this hotel to become the main spot within Los Angeles for most rock musicians who were on tour such as the European rock bands of the Rolling Stones, The Who and even Led Zeppelin. It was because of this that the hotel was often referred to as being the Riot House which was a play on the name of Hyatt House.

It was during January of 2009 that the hotel would be completely renovated and reopened to become what it is today. This would be the second hotel with this brand which was created by Hyatt. This is a fourteen-story hotel that has 20 suites and 219 regular guest rooms and located on the ground floor is RH, a very popular restaurant. The whole renovation project was created by architecture and interior design firm from New York called Janson Goldstein. The hotel also has a 11-foot sculpture on a hand painted metal disk that was done by Jacob Hashimoto, a well-known artist from New York. The balconies are very famous because many rock stars have throw televisions from them but now all of the balconies are all glass enclosed sunrooms that just over look the Sunset Boulevard.

It was during the 1970s that Led Zeppelin had rented 6 floors of the Andaz West Hollywood for band members and entourage. It was John Bonham that threw a television off of the balcony and was also stated to had rode a motorcycle down many of the hallways in the hotel.

It was in room 1015 that Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones dropped a television out of a window in 1972. Keith Moon from The Who also did this.

Scenes from the movie Almost Famous were actually filmed at here. There were sections of the hotel that had been completely remodeled using the original décor that would have been in the hotel during the 1970s.

Elton John as well as his entourage actually stayed at this hotel when it was Hyatt House during August of 1970. This was Elton John’s first trip to America.

Jim Morrison had lived at this hotel until he was evicted because he was repeatedly handing out of windows by his fingertips and dangling himself over the pavement down below.